Why choose Health One?
By forming a relationship with HealthOne, your employer is locking in the best overall value in health care available in North Georgia. Your employer is committed to providing you with access to quality and cost effective care.

Your employer has provided you with a choice of hundreds of doctors in a tri-state area including Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Chances are your current doctor is already a HealthOne participant. If you don't have a doctor, simply choose one from our provider directory.

How do I select a doctor?
You may choose from the many facilities in our directory.
What hospitals can I use?
What are the benefits?
By using your insurance card every time you go to a provider, you are entitled to competitive, negotiated rates for physician and hospital care.
Choose a provider from the extensive list contained in the provider directory.
How do I use the network of providers and receive the best benefits available to me?
Few services are unavailable in our network area. HealthOne includes major trauma centers and specialized care in our service area. If you have any questions, please contact your company's Human Resources department or Third Party Administrator.
What about services not available in the network?
What happens if I go out of network?
What if I am out of town and there is an emergency?
Please check with your employer to determine how benefits in this situation are handled.
If you choose not to use a provider in our network, you may be subject to a reduced benefit level.